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5 Things you should know about me

I was once in the film `The Wall` by Pink Floyd. Whilst at Sixth form college I got the chance to do a days work as an extra in a crowd scene. I was and am a huge Floyd fan and had only recently seen the Wall at Earls court. Then getting the chance to be in the film was like a dream come true! I regularly bore people with the pause button to show them my 5s seconds

of fame!

During the filming of the above I wore a Spurs scarf so I could easily find myself at the cinema. Being a football fan always has it's ups and downs, but throughout my life, it's been one of those constants that is always there through good times and bad. So that's the second thing, I support Tottenham Hotspurs!

One memory I will always treasure was when my daughter was a Spurs Mascot. For the non-football fans, this is when children accompany the players as they come onto the pitch at the start of the game. Watching her walk out onto the hallowed turf at White Hart Lane with the players was magical, and she got all the players to sign her shirt which now hangs on my dining room wall. What a day.

As a child I was never allowed a dog, when I resigned as a Headteacher I became the proud owner of Pippin the Cavapoo. Pippin has transformed my life in all sorts of ways, one being that I take regular exercise, twice a day every day. I never realised the joy that a little dog can bring. I don't even mind picking up the Poo!

Lastly, you should know that I love music with guitars! One of my favourite bands is a group called Free. The guitarist Paul Kossoff, who sadly died in 1976, was one of the most expressive lead guitar players ever. Most people know them for the hit `Alright now` but they were much more. Give them a try.

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