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We offer a variety of workshops for staff meetings for 5 - 80 people.

Included in the price is a school maths health check for your SLT or maths lead to talk over any issues or support you might need. This usually runs from 1pm -3pm with most staff meeting workshops from 3.30-5.30pm

We recommend running two workshops per subject with a gap task for teachers to reflect and return with lots of questions.

Workshops cost £350 + mileage with a 10% discount for booking two or more in one term.

Current Workshops:

  • Talk for Reasoning - KS1 or KS2 or combined

  • EYFS - Maths mastery 

  • EYFS - White rose and Planning

  • Bar modelling

  • Fractions for KS2

  • Using Manupulatives in KS1/KS2

  • Times table fluency

  • Maths for NQTs

  • Maths mastery - what exactly is it!

  • Reasoning & problem Solving for KS1 or KS2 

  • Yr 6 - Beat the SATS grind

  • Fractions for KS2

  • EYFS - Using stories to promote maths

  • Beautiful Maths

  • Simply Cuisenaire

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