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Our Mission

Maths. It's a word that I hated as a child. Fear and avoidance of maths started from an early age with my first introduction of times tables. I found that no matter what I was taught I just was always overtaken by fear. My mission is for children to adore maths and want to know more and engaging and challenging teachers in how they teach - changing maths teaching one teacher at a time.

Our Vision

My vision is to see Maths re-energised and children re-engaged.
We know that when teachers are enthused and engaged by a subject, so are the children, and that's got to be a good combination!  I want to see less and less "Mathsphobics" in the classroom, but see more "geeks", more people seeing the world of possibility that comes alive when Maths is enjoyed. For me pedagogy is the key to change. Ultimately it is of course all about getting the teaching right, small changes to how we teach maths can make massive changes.

Chris' Story

Coming from a background of working in schools as a Teacher, Headteacher, Course leader and consultant I am an experienced MAST (maths specialist teacher), who has worked with schools to support teaching and learning through school-based CPD and high-quality training courses and conferences. Additionally I am an NCETM accredited CPD lead and worked as a Maths Consultant for Oxford University Press, TT education, Chris Quigley and Andrell. You can watch my Tedx talk below for the full story.

Our Mission
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