Our Mission

Maths. It's a word that gets VERY different reactions, depending on how you were taught it yourself. We know for so many, those reactions can be very negative.


We want to take Maths in a new direction and to help you as teachers unlock the classroom, providing a creative and fresh way of utilising the superpowers that you already have.

Our Vision

As a boy, our founder Chris had the exact feelings as described above. Despite being willing and able to learn, he could never quite "get it". The speed that he was expected to learn was too much, it wasn't about solving the problem, it was about finding the quickest way to appease the teacher.


Our vision is to see the Maths classroom re-energised and re-engaged to learn Maths again.
We know that when teachers are enthused and engaged by a subject, so are the young people, and that's got to be a good combination! We want to see less and less "Mathsphobics" in the classroom, but see more "geeks", more people seeing the world of possibility that comes alive when Maths is enjoyed.

Chris' Story

Coming from a background of working in schools as a Headteacher, Course leader and consultant Chris Gallagher is an experienced Headteacher and MAST (maths specialist teacher), who has worked with schools to support teaching and learning through school-based CPD and high-quality training courses and conferences. Chris is an NCETM accredited CPD lead as well as a Maths Consultant for Oxford University Press. It's nice to put a face to the name though, so here's Chris' story and vision for the classroom.