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We can now offer bespoke support packages, and a growing numbers of schools are finding that INSETs + regular input is the key to real change in Maths Pedagogy. This cost-effective and focused solution gives schools practical dedicated support working towards the aims of your School Improvement Plan. Tailored packages offer the benefit of full days supporting SLT members/staff whilst providing inspirational INSET based upon the exact requirements of your school.

Many of the organisations we work with require support before and during phasing in a new pedagogy, which may be very alien to some of their teaching staff. Our consultancy services focus on introduction of new approaches, including introducing Singapore/mastery maths into your school as well as lesson observation/monitoring/feedback/action planning and Ofsted preparation. 

Though we have our own popular training sessions which we are regularly asked to deliver, we do realise that every organisation is different and therefore each organisation will have different strengths and weaknesses and we appreciate you will have varying needs. Many of our schools have asked for a combination of the key ideas and training that we already have in place, so if you feel your school is in a unique situation or you would like a tailored training package then get in contact with us to discuss your needs.

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