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  • Times Table Fluency

    Times tables are essential for Mathematical fluency, freeing up working memory to concentrate on the problem rather than working out calculations.

  • Maths Mastery in EYFS

    This course will look at the key skills children need to develop when counting and how giving children experiences and opportunities to construct their own understanding can be promoted in the EYFS.

  • Maths for NQT's

    Ideal for NQTs/recently qualified who want to deepen their understanding of the maths curriculum

  • Maths Mastery - Workshops

    This twilight course, for KS1 and KS2, focuses on key aspects of mastery such as how can we keep the class together working in a Mastery approach and yet keep our quick graspers challenged and all children involved in the same conceptual learning? What exactly is variation and how can we use it in our lesson design?

  • Talk for Reasoning

    Back by popular demand but this time with a focus on talk for reasoning,  this popular course will examine “Mathematical reasoning, even more so than children’s knowledge of arithmetic, is important for children’s later achievement in mathematics”

  • Reasoning & Problem Solving

    Numerical reasoning is fundamental to knowing and doing mathematics. Numerical reasoning underpins all the maths curriculum and yet it is often the area that is neglected or considered difficult to teach. This course will provide many practical ideas for actively engaging learners in mathematical thinking and reasoning in a variety of contexts.

  • Bar Modelling

    Our most popular PDD offering, bar modelling has the potential to make a big impact quickly particular;y if the whole staff are involved. A fun interactive workshop which can be run as a whole day or a series of 2 or 3 twilights.


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