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This popular course will examine “Mathematical reasoning, even more so than children’s knowledge of arithmetic, is important for children’s later achievement in mathematics” (Nunes, Bryant, Sylva and Barros, 2009)

  • Numerical reasoning is fundamental to knowing and doing mathematics. Numerical reasoning underpins all the maths curriculum and yet it is often the area that is neglected or considered difficult to teach. This course will provide many practical ideas for actively engaging learners in mathematical thinking and reasoning in a variety of contexts.

  • To identify the specific skills that learners need to develop in order to tackle reasoning tasks confidently and independently.

  • To understand how to plan for improvement in reasoning skills and to ensure progression in these skills within a year and across the key stage.

  • To provide a range of practical ideas for teaching reasoning skills within problem-solving, within mathematics lessons and across the curriculum.

  • To highlight the importance of mathematical communication and provide strategies for teaching learners to “explain their thinking” and “show their workings”.

  • To discuss the importance of teacher questioning in supporting the development of
    reasoning skill

£60 per delegate


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